My Passion: Coach people to align their mind, body, heart and spirit to feel energetic, vibrant, purposeful and ageless. My Mantra: NEVER TOO OLD!

The signs of aging aren’t inevitable. Reverse the signs of aging with purposeful choices about what you do and how you feel.

Your mind, body, heart is connected. Regardless of how you feel right now, learn how to re-align your actions with your dreams.

You are never too told to take a hike, dance, go back to school, write a book, change how you move through the world.

Your mind, body, heart is connected. Regardless of how you feel right now, learn how to re-align your actions with your dreams.

The chronology of accumulated years is a fact. But how we feel often isn’t the result of chronology but our habits and our thoughts. As your coach, I help clients identify their own thoughts and habits that might be standing in their way of who they want to be and how they want to live. We chart a new plan, navigate a new way of living that gets clients to their destination. It can feel like magic. And often the destination is a joyful surprise.

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“Sylvia’s classes are wonderful. I’ve been doing corrective exercise for a while, but always learn something new. Sylvia not only demonstrates what to do, she explains why and then keeps coaching through each exercise to keep everyone on track. And she has a nice sense of humor. I always leave class feeling better, stronger, more agile.” 

Karin Knowles

“I have been a student and fan of restorative exercise classes at Body Wisdom Studio for over 15 years. Sylvia delivers the same highly effective program using easy to follow, thoughtful and well-informed instructions. With her many years of experience as an educator, Sylvia knows how to keep the class on track and still attend to a wide range of individual student needs.” 

Sallie DeWitt, TRX Instructor

“Restorative exercise has made enormous difference in my health and life. At 72, I call it my “life insurance policy” and it sure pays off.  Sylvia’s classes are thorough and fun; I appreciate that she provides up-front goals for the class, and then summarizes what we’ve worked on at the end. So glad she’s part of my good-health plan!” 

Rita Gardner

“Sylvia has found a way to help me deal with the aches and pains of aging. She is motivating and knows what to say to keep me from giving up. Best of all, I’m pain free after years of hip issues.” 

Lynette Harrison

Sylvia Fox is a Certified Life & Wellness Coach who believes it is never too late, never too old, to be happy and healthy and whole. She integrates a lifetime of learning and experiences to help clients identify their next dream, whether a new career, a lifestyle change, or simply be more satisfied with life. Sylvia is also a Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer and Zumba instructor, a pivot from her former career as a journalist and a professor at CSU Sacramento. She currently resides near Portland, Oregon and works with clients and groups virtually, by phone or in person, She also works with clients in 12-step recovery.

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