FitzFox Fitness can add movement and energy to your world, no matter where you live.

In Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, regular scheduled workshops and/or classes can be made available at your workplace. Or consider integrating Restorative Exercise into your offsite planning sessions to provide a quick recharge during a conference, retreat, a weekend event or any venue.

Why? By adding Restorative Movement to your group’s program. FitzFox Fitness can provide a healthy way to re-energize participants, draw attention to their physical selves, and provide tools to restore movement throughout their day.

FitzFox Fitness can bring a series of classes to you at your venue, whether local or distant –– yoga or pilates studio, a community center, a community clubhouse, a lovely beach. We love to travel!

Scheduling is easy.  Contact me to set up a workshop, a specialized class, an Alignment Re-Boot Camp, or whatever your interest might be.