Schedule a workshop or class

There are a lot of ways FitzFox Fitness can add movement and energy to your world, no matter where you live.
In Northern California or San Francisco Bay area, workshops and classes are available at your workplace for a quick recharge during conferences, all day retreats, weekend retreats or any venue. By adding restorative exercise to your group’s program. FitzFox Fitness can provide a healthy addition re-energize your participants, draw attention to their physical selves and provide tools to restore movement in their lives.
FitzFox Fitness can get your participants moving and refreshed between your sessions, whether it’s your annual planning offsite or your choral group’s singing weekend in the mountains.
If you’re not in the Point Richmond, California area (San Francisco Bay), contact me to schedule a workshop or an Alignment Re-boot Camp where you live. If you have a connection with a small venue in your community (yoga or pilates studio, community center, community clubhouse), contact FitzFox Fitness to bring a workshop, boot camp and series of classes to you.